Hair conditioner for the treatment of psoriasis 200ml


Hair conditioner for the treatment of psoriasis

For dry to very dry, scaly scalps, a complementary product to Alocado shampoo for softening and refining the scalp while maintaining hair fiber. The formula contains ingredients that keep hair healthy, radiant and full of life. Alocado hair conditioner is suitable for use by all ages.

Also comes as part of the head psoriasis treatment kit!

How will aloe vera hair conditioner help you overcome psoriasis on your head?

  • Reduces the formation of new scales and lumps in the scalp and removes up to 100% of the scales.
  • Combined with the scalp oil of Alocado and the therapeutic shampoo, it helps restore the skin and reduce the frequency of peeling.
  • Cleans the hair, reduces redness and soothes an irritated scalp.
  • Restores the health of the new hair that grows at the site of the lesion.

Scalp psoriasis

Many people suffer from scalp psoriasis. In most of them, extensive red areas appear, on which scales and accompanied by itching. Psoriasis lesions are mostly found at the edges of the hair, especially at the border of the forehead, the border of the nape of the neck and behind the ears. In some cases, the wounds itch to the point of injury to the skin and secretions.
Psoriasis of the scalp is a skin disease manifested by sores/scales/itching that characterizes the psoriasis disease, which develops on the scalp, under the hair and on the nape of the neck. Among those suffering from the disease, the scalp skin may contain dry-smooth or rough lesions as well as fixed or peeling lesions. The psoriasis lesions are often accompanied by feelings of pain, burning and itching, and they also have an effect on self-confidence because they damage the aesthetic appearance of the face and head. If Neglected, the lesions may spread and even reach the face.
Depending on autoimmune diseases, it is not always possible to predict the time, intensity, or duration of the outbreak of the disease in the scalp. Despite this, Alocado is also a preventive treatment, so apart from the use during the outbreak, you can use Alocado preparations in low doses regularly to make sure that the next outbreak will be postponed as much as possible.


  • Avocado oil
  • Dead Sea minerals
  • Aloe barbadensis extract

How to Use?

After using the alocado shampoo and while the hair is damp, massage the hair and scalp, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse until the conditioner is completely removed. Intended for daily use.


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