About Us

Alocado is the first and only product in the world to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis with complete adaptation to the stages of the disease. The unique combination of Alocado ingredients provides an efficient and effective solution without the use of steroids and without the need for a doctor’s prescription. After experience of 20 years of activity and tens of thousands of customers worldwide, patients will testify to the success of the Alocado product series in restoring patients to a normal and normative lifestyle.

Living With Psoriasis

Over the years, we have met many psoriasis patients who have lost hope. These patients have tried almost everything, from ointments and creams (with and without steroids) to phototherapy treatments, biological injections, pills that suppress the immune system, and regular treatments in the Dead Sea. We deeply understood the need for patients to live in conditions that, to any other person, sound like a matter of course. The development of Alocado’s unique formula stemmed from the recognition of the need and from a determined place to meet it. We invite you to try Alocado, the only product in the world specifically adapted to the stages of the disease outbreak. Relieves the feeling of itching, reduces redness and scaling, and helps in wound healing.

100% active ingredients from nature

The Alocado series of products contain a variety of active ingredients in order to relieve psoriasis patients and give them back control over their lives.
The basic formula of the product includes:
– Avocado Oil – for the restoration of skin cells
– Aloe Vera extract – for relief in situations of red and irritated skin
– 27 minerals from the Dead Sea enriched in magnesium – for nourishing and renewing damaged skin

Our Vision

Psoriasis is an incurable autoimmune disease. Despite this, we have a solution based on natural active ingredients, which alleviates the disease and its symptoms and restores peace and calm to people in their lives.
We want to make psoriasis treatment accessible to the entire population, regardless of means and schedules. Each person will receive from us the proper treatment that is precisely adapted to the degree of their disease, including aids for maintaining the skin and delaying the next outbreak.


Not tested on animals

100% natural active ingredients

Recommended by dermatologists

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